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Toys of the present and past !


 In year one we have started our new learning challenge; “Would grandma have liked to play with the Wii?”

As we are sure you have all guessed (by having a look at our pictures), it’s all to do with looking at toys from the past and comparing them with the toys we have now !

We used secondary sources (our parents’ and grandparents’ toys ) to investigate what toys from the past might have looked like. Then we brought in our own favourite toys to make a direct comparison between old and new toys.

We discussed their similarities (for example some teddy bears looked very similar) and differences ( the change in the barbie dolls)!

We even discussed the first teddy bear ever made in Germany !

Finally, we sorted a range of toys given to us by Miss Robb into old and new toys; have a look at an example below !

p.s; do you have a favourite toy from your childhood ? Is there a similar version to it now ?

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