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End of year !


We cannot believe we’re in our final week of Year 1! What a year it has been. We have grown so much and learnt even more!

We hope you have enjoyed following our learning journey this year 🙂

little note from Miss Robb:

Thank you 1R for an incredible year filled with laughter, fun and learning ! You have all done incredibly well this year and  should all be proud of your achievements.

Remember to always reach for the stars !!

Best of luck in Year Two

Miss Robb x

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Maths is Magnificent !


What a fun way to start off the week ! We had a special guest in to tell us all about how magnificent maths can be.

We looked at the different types of triangles and made them using stretchy balloons. Can you spot all the different triangles ?

We also made maths board games!

maths week 061 maths week 067 maths week 069 maths week 070 maths week 071 maths week 073 maths week 074 maths week 075 maths week 097 maths week 098 maths week 099 maths week 108 maths week 111 maths week 112 maths week 113


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You’re invited to 1R’s healthy balanced picnic!


This week in topic we have been looking at what we need to eat to maintain a healthy diet. We explored the different food groups ( carbohydrates, dairy, fruit and Vegetables, protein and sugar & fats). We discussed why it is important to have a balanced diet and the different food we can eat to ensure that we are having  one.

We then created lovely invitations to our class picnic and then Miss Robb  surprised us with an indoor picnic (because sadly the weather was horrible ) . Can you spot the different food types in our picnic ?

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Rivers !


This is week in literacy 1R have transformed into poets ! We have been looking very closely at the River Thames and what it is like to live near to it.

We have also been learning how how to write our very first acrostic poems.

on Wednesday we almagamated our knowledge on Rivers and acrostic poems and created an acrostic poem on Rivers.

Today we moved on to up-levelling our poems by making them red hot ! We included adjectives, conjunctions and powerful punctuations!

Have a look at some of the examples below 🙂

1R x


We Made Biscuits!


Exploring Our Local Area


This term in Geography we have been learning about about the United Kingdom and our Local area!

We started off the topic by discussing where we live and what we like about our areas. We then moved on to discussing the importance of having an address, which led to: writng letters to ourselves; enclosing them in an envelope and independently writing our home addresses at the front ready to post (how exciting)!!

The following day, we took a walk up to Aveley high street and posted our letters in the post box!  We were so excited to recieve our first ever letters home!

We have posted some pictures of our walk in our local area below 🙂

1R x

IMG_1431 - Copy IMG_1433 - Copy IMG_1435 IMG_1437 IMG_1444 IMG_1460 IMG_1472 IMG_1436 - Copy IMG_1438 - Copy IMG_1445 IMG_1453 IMG_1432 - Copy IMG_1434 - Copy IMG_1436 IMG_1438 IMG_1446 IMG_1454 IMG_1462 IMG_1466 IMG_1470 IMG_1437 - Copy IMG_1439 IMG_1447 IMG_1455 IMG_1463 IMG_1467 IMG_1471

Creating our own toys!


Moving away from toys of the past, we started looking at toys that are used now and also in the past!

We were introduced to the different types of puppets; string, finger, hand and shadow and how they are used.

We then had a very creative lesson where we went on to designing our very own finger puppets. This was very important as we needed to think of the different features of a puppet, what made a good one , what materials we needed and wanted ours to look like !

Finally, we made and evaluated our puppets !

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Toys of the present and past !


 In year one we have started our new learning challenge; “Would grandma have liked to play with the Wii?”

As we are sure you have all guessed (by having a look at our pictures), it’s all to do with looking at toys from the past and comparing them with the toys we have now !

We used secondary sources (our parents’ and grandparents’ toys ) to investigate what toys from the past might have looked like. Then we brought in our own favourite toys to make a direct comparison between old and new toys.

We discussed their similarities (for example some teddy bears looked very similar) and differences ( the change in the barbie dolls)!

We even discussed the first teddy bear ever made in Germany !

Finally, we sorted a range of toys given to us by Miss Robb into old and new toys; have a look at an example below !

p.s; do you have a favourite toy from your childhood ? Is there a similar version to it now ?

1R x


World Book Day!


It’s that time of the year again… World book day !

1R transformed into their favourite or famous book characters . Some of us even had matching outfits !

In the afternoon we were joined by 5M who helped us paint the setting of one of our favourite books ‘Meerkat Mail’.

Pictures are posted below 🙂


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