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Up cycle art !



As big writing agents we have started this week off by looking at how important recycling is ! We discussed the 3r’s linked to recycling; then we brought in recyclable materials from home to create our up cycle art. 

We also looked at famous artists such as Jane Perkins who specialise in up cycling art! 

Finally, we created our own up cycle collage art! We had lots of fun. Can you spot some of the materials used ?

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Night Zoo keeper part 2 ; our magical monster stories


Following our visit from the night zoo keeper, we decided to take on the challenge that was given to us!

We were asked to design a magical monster to help the night zoo keeper defeat the bad creatures that come out during the night !

We started off by designing our magical creatures; focussing on using our adjectival strings and even similes to make our writing even more exciting to read !

Once we had created our magical monster, we moved on to create a whole class story using our story mountain to plan.

(Can you guess what our story is about – have a look at our story mountain below)

We then moved on to planning our own stories independently and drawing pictures to show the different characters and settings.

Finally, on Friday we carried out our piece of extended writing where wrote our stories up in full.

We’re sure Miss Robb will post examples on our blog once she has read them !

What a great way to start literacy this half term!

1R x


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1R gets creative with their homework !


One word… FANTASTIC!

Over the half term we got set our first ever piece of creative homework!

We have been very busy in year one learning about; materials in our science lesson, the story of the three little pigs in literacy and working on our programming and map skills in computing. So, our teacher set us a very fun piece of homework!

We know that one of the best ways to consolidate our learning is by applying our knowledge outside of the classroom! So that’s what we did (hands on style)..

we created our own houses or replicated one from the three little pigs ! Some of us even wrote which materials each part of the house is made from and why ! (for example; plastic/glass windows because they are transparent.)

Some of us decide to make our own treasure maps. We even included key features of a map such as; a key, grid reference, a compass  and even instructions (shh it’s a secret) to find the buried treasure !

We’re sure Miss Shadbolt would love to have a glimps of some of our amazing work which we put so much effort into making !

They are in our classroom on display (stop by and have a look if you get the chance). But for those of you that are far away; not to worry we have uploaded some pictures below for you to have a browse !

Which one do you like best and why ??


























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Night Zoo Keeper 


What a fantastic way to start the new half term !!  Waiting for us was a very special surprise ! We were visited by the night zoo keeper !

We had lots of fun exploring all the mythical creatures that live within the zoo . Then we had a go at drawing our own!

Thank you Mr Zoo keeper !

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We are treasure hunters – Programming with Bee-bots…


In 1R we have transformed into treasure hunters for our computing lessons! We have looked at how to read a set of instructions and how to apply these to a map. We looked at key features associated with maps such as: directions, keys and grid references. We then went on to write our own set of instructions for a place on our treasure map. 

Finally, we looked at how everyday devices in our homes are programmed (how they move in predictable ways) and then we went on to programming our Bee-bots to find our hidden treasures on our maps.

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Billy Dreamer’s Fantastic Friends – performance poetry !


https://vimeo.com/154757866In literacy, we have been busy rehearsing for our performance poetry assembly ! We teamed up with our friends 1S and put on a spectacular show! Our poetry was filled with lots of superheroes; can you have a listen and name them all?

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‘Which material should the three little pigs have used to build their houses?’ Waterproof experiment !!!


That’s right – this week in 1R we have carried out another scientific experiment ! Closely linked to our literacy fiction book ‘The Three Little Pigs’ we have been looking at different materials and their properties.

After having discussed why it wasn’t a good idea for the pig 1 and pig 2 to build their houses from straw or sticks, we set ourselves a learning mission to find out what properties would we need from a material to build a house. We came up with lots of properties such as:  strong, colourful, rough and our main one waterproof!

Moving on from this, we designed our own houses, some designed brick and others straw and stick houses.

Finally, we carried out a scientific experiment which looked at which materials are waterproof. We designed our experiment (looked at what was meant by a fair test) then we made our predictions and finally carried out our experiment. Have a look at our results and pictures ( taken by us) can you tell which materials were waterproof?

Stay tuned,


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Ball skills in P.E



In PE this term 1R have been learning all about ball control when playing basketball. We have learnt all about the different type of ways we can pass a ball; chest and floor pass. Then we enjoyed a fun game of piggy in the middle to test our ball control skills!

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Time o’clock in 1R


Hello world !

It’s another week of the school year, which means more learning in 1R. I’m sure you’ve already gussed our new topic of the week by looking at the title of  our blog post. However, just incase you didn’t – our new maths topic of the week is TIME!

We all know that time is a very tricky thing to master, but here in 1R we all have our growth mindsets in gear so we’re always up for a challenge 🙂

Last week, to get us thinking about time we learnt that the day can be separated into several parts; morning, afternoon, evening and night. We had a chance to look at some of the activities that we do during the different parts of the day. For example,  we wouldn’t eat our breakfast in the night – that would be very silly ! We also wouldn’t go to school during the night, instead we should be sleeping. Once we had all shown an understanding of the different parts and events that occur during the day we moved on to telling the time.

We started this week off by looking at the different measurements of time; hours, minutes and seconds. Next we discussed key words that are associated with telling the time time such as; clockwise, analogue and hands. Then we had a very practical lesson where we made our own analogue clocks making sure what we were colouring the minutes hand in blue and the hour hand in red. We have uploaded pictures of some examples of our wonderful work.

Then we had a surprise theatre show come in to visit us here at Aveley to discuss the importance of being on time. What a great way to get us even more interested in the topic of time. We loved the performance  – we even had members of our class volunteer to go up and take part in a quiz. Well done Ben you did a great job – you did us proud ! 


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Hot seating – getting in the role :)


This week in our Literacy lessons we have been getting into the role of the main characters  in our new book of the term. Can you guess what it is? That’s right – it’s the Three Little Pigs.

During the first half of the lesson, we had volunteers to be our Three little pigs as well as the big bad wolf! The rest of the class acted as the audience and were given a chance to fire questions at and interrogate our main characters. Building on from what we were taught last term, we applied our who, where, when, what, why and how questions to ensure we were asking the best possible questions!  We even had a look at open and closed ended questions.

After a great hot seating session we headed back to our tables and wrote down in our books at least one key question for each of the main characters. Then in today’s lesson, we all got a chance to take on the role of the main characters by answering our own questions that we devised yesterday. We had to think very carefully about our responses and focus on starting our answers using the personal pronoun ‘I’.

Miss Robb was very pleased with both pieces of work.

We have uploaded some pictures so that you can see us in action along with examples of questions and answers from our books.

1R x




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