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Exploring Our Local Area


This term in Geography we have been learning about about the United Kingdom and our Local area! We started off the topic by discussing where we live and what we like about our areas. We then moved on to discussing the importance of having an address, which led to: writng letters to ourselves; enclosing them […]

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We are treasure hunters – Programming with Bee-bots…


   In 1R we have transformed into treasure hunters for our computing lessons! We have looked at how to read a set of instructions and how to apply these to a map. We looked at key features associated with maps such as: directions, keys and grid references. We then went on to write our own […]

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What’s the weather doing today ?


In 1R we have been looking at the different types of weathers through the seasons. We have discussed that we can have rainy days in Summer and sunny days in the Winter. As a class we decided it would be really good fun if we kept a weather chart to see how the weather changes […]

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Leaves all around us!


In today’s topic lesson we looked at the changes in trees around us ! We went into our school playground and looked at the different coloured leaves on the trees and what these symbolised (seasonal change). We saw that some trees were full of green leaves (evergreen trees) whilst others had changed to brown and […]

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