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We Made Biscuits!


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Night Zoo keeper part 2 ; our magical monster stories


Following our visit from the night zoo keeper, we decided to take on the challenge that was given to us! We were asked to design a magical monster to help the night zoo keeper defeat the bad creatures that come out during the night ! We started off by designing our magical creatures; focussing on […]

Night Zoo Keeper 


  What a fantastic way to start the new half term !!  Waiting for us was a very special surprise ! We were visited by the night zoo keeper ! We had lots of fun exploring all the mythical creatures that live within the zoo . Then we had a go at drawing our own! […]

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Hot seating – getting in the role :)


This week in our Literacy lessons we have been getting into the role of the main characters  in our new book of the term. Can you guess what it is? That’s right – it’s the Three Little Pigs. During the first half of the lesson, we had volunteers to be our Three little pigs as […]

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