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1R gets creative with their homework !


One word… FANTASTIC! Over the half term we got set our first ever piece of creative homework! We have been very busy in year one learning about; materials in our science lesson, the story of the three little pigs in literacy and working on our programming and map skills in computing. So, our teacher set […]

‘Which material should the three little pigs have used to build their houses?’ Waterproof experiment !!!


That’s right – this week in 1R we have carried out another scientific experiment ! Closely linked to our literacy fiction book ‘The Three Little Pigs’ we have been looking at different materials and their properties. After having discussed why it wasn’t a good idea for the pig 1 and pig 2 to build their […]

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Just before Christmas!


We had a very busy couple of weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday – so busy that we forgot to post on our blog! In Maths, we explored the value of money and how much each coin is worth.  In topic, we went outside to find examples of our different leaves to help us […]

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Leaves all around us!


In today’s topic lesson we looked at the changes in trees around us ! We went into our school playground and looked at the different coloured leaves on the trees and what these symbolised (seasonal change). We saw that some trees were full of green leaves (evergreen trees) whilst others had changed to brown and […]

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